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So while back I came across a website and I think it could appeal to quite a few people here.


It is comprised of a team video bloggers from across the internet who have made a name for themselves reviewing movies, TV, books and video games (for starters). It doubles as being informative and enlightening as well, teaching viewers what makes such things good and not. They are all pretty funny but a few I would highlight (being my personal favorites) are:

Nostalgia Critic (he essentially reviews mediocre/bad tv/movies from the 80's through the 90's)

Spoony (mostly does games, but also movies)

Angry Joe (games mostly, with movies as well)

Cinema Snob (exploitation films, horror to be specific)

and Linkara (bad comic books)

Its really amazing what these guys are able to accomplish with little means. So go check it out

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