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It wasnt Revis...It wasnt Cromartie...It was...


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I know people will probably kill Revis tomorrow, and thats ok cause he didnt look great today at all but I have a feeling this guy is NOT 100% right now. He didnt look full speed on that Harvin TD.

He did not even look there on that Harvin TD.

He also said he would not play if he was not 100%

So breakout the SPIN MACHINE!!!

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Revis planned the holdout back when he was a rookie. Last year he played like it was a contract year. He will never put out that much effort again. Revis is finished as an elite player.

Like I said, any athlete who makes a rap album is finito.

Shoulda just traded him for a guy like Bailey. Probably woulda gotten a draft pick out of it too.

Maybe Revis will recover. But I think the scheme has a lot to do with it as well. Once you get into the top 10 CBs they are all capable of having great years. The top 2 are just guys that do it year after year. But even Namdi got abused yesterday.

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