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Erik Ainge in Jacksass

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Sorta unrelated to the Jets/football forum but Josh Brown, Erik Ainge and Jared Allen made guest appearances in Jackass 3D. The Josh Brown segment was on commercials, with the guy taking an XP to the face. Looked like it hurt big time. I thought Jared Allen was the funniest of the 3 guests, because at one point he made a blindside hit on Johnny Knoxville and preceded to do his boar rodeo on-top of a probably concussed Knoxville. Erik Ainge was also in the same scene with Jared Allen, as he dropped back to pass Knoxville a crossing patern over the middle which lead to Jared Allen absolutely crushing him.

Thought it was pretty funny, and was wondering whether or not Ainge was hurt while doing the movie. It had to be before the summer because Allen had his mullet at that point

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