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Steelers hold slight edge over Jets as league's best team

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No, slats is saying you should be banned because you haven't "raised your game."

Come one, old man, rise to the occassion. This isn't the kiddy pool.

You need constantly new material and to be on your toes at all times. You can do it.

You've gotten complacent in your later years.


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If that's to be the litmus test this is gonna get messy.

Did Wrecks eat the red flag on that play?

It was obviously not a TD and all he had to do was throw the challenge flag.

Just as obvious as the imcompletion that was ruled a completion on the play where JL was ridiculously called for helmet to helmet. That "completion" wasn't over turned so there's no telling if this play would have been over turned either. This is IMO, but I can only speculate that Rex didn't want to risk losing a TO at that point, especially the way the game was being officiated.

Regardless,the refs called it a TD and by your own admission the refs GAVE Denver a TD anyway you slice and dice it. So if you want to say the refs gave the Jets a TD (which I don't agree with), you have to admit the refs gave Denver a TD as well. That's why I called you out on this as being hypocritical. At worst, the 2 plays cancel each other out, and you have the same result. Not to mention the fact that the Jets had at least 4 other bad calls against them. The fact is that the refs if anything tried to give the game away to Denver, not the other way around.

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Don't worry, he and garbage were no where to be found after week 2, kind of like there have been no phag trolls around for a month now.

They'll crawl back into their holes again before the season is over.

LOL - yeah Crashing Jerk and Aqua Queer are nowehere to be found. I'm sure they will be back here to talk trash when it's time to kick their asses again, or if there's ever a week when they win and we lose. That's certainly their M.O.

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Ranking a team higher doesn't necessarily mean they will beat you. The Jets can beat the Steelers without question and vice versa. That doesn't mean that they "would" or "should."

Well, we're going to play pretty soon and I think they're going to beat us. It has nothing to do with who is ranked higher. I feel like the only reason our D was number one last year was because Palamalu wasn't playing most of the season. I haven't seen too many games from them this year but I think they are going to be our toughest opponent and we're going to have to go through them to get to the super bowl, not the stupid Pats (give me a break).

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heehee the troll angst gets higher by the day !!!!!

I'm lovin it !!!!

we are one positive article about our 23 yeard old QB from a total troll melt-down


One more loss and they will be jumping off of rooftops. I will be in Miami this weekend, so i'll keep a lookout :P

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Calling for TX to be banned is laughable in my opinion. If he annoys you that much just ignore him. Falling for his bait is sooo 6 years ago and the fact of the matter is he does know his football, his favorite player growing up was Broadway Joe and he is actually a good dude if you don't fall repeatedly for his bait.

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