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Brian Schottenheimer interview transcript


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Gotta get a great game plan and playcall rhythm this week Schotty! When you go up against Clay Matthews remember to not give up a sack! Get rid of the ball quickly but not so quickly that big plays don't develop! Lay off the INT playcalls! Be aggressive! Be be aggressive! Pass more to Holmes! Pass more to Keller! Pass more to Edwards! Give LT the ball! Give Shonn Greene the ball, you moron!

I love the second question...How I read it: (reporter plays with curled mustache slyly).. "Hey Schotty, I know you guys won, but can you put a fingeeeerr on why Sanchez had such a bad game?"

What he said: Long paragraph.

What he should have said: "Because sh*t happens, you f*ckin vulture! Whore of the masses!"

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D'you see this part:

On if Cotchery tells Sanchez what to do…

“I hope not. I’m not asking. I don’t want the answer to that question (joking).”

Omfg what an embarrassment. I bet he made the writer type out "(joking)" to cover his a$$. He's so scared of everything!

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