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Johnnys best bets --week 8


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Last week 1-2 overall 8-11-2 best bet 3-4

tough pickens but here goes nothing



Honorable Mention

Arizona -3 vs Tampa Bay

Parlay Pick

Indy -5.5 vs Texans

good luck with all your picks thiw week an GO JETS

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Agreed. I've been having a nice little run lately. I've won about a grand over the past three weeks but this week just looks absolutely brutal. I'll play a couple of $20 Parlays but nothing worth putting big money on. I was going to put a hundred or so on the over in the Jets game but heard there could be some strong winds which could hurt the passin game.

St. Louis- agree

Arizona- disagree

Indy- agree and disagree. There is no way the Colts should win this game but you can just never bet against Peyton. Personally, I wouldn't touch that game with a 10 fot pole.

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