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Holmes, Cotchery, and Greene need to catch up in the offense.


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See what I did there?

Anyway, Greene got himself taken out of yet another game. This is like is 2nd or 3rd time at least. He's got to learn to catch the f*ckin ball. Also, my guess is that he's still terrible with his blocking assignments in the passing game.

Cotchery has been terrible this year. Most of the time he's a non-factor, and the rest he's dropping a pass (negative factor).

Holmes needs more game reps, but he's dropped so many f'n passes so far. The numbers in the 6-8 range at the least. Right now, he's not living up to the hype. That should obviously change because he's not going to suck forever, but it's clear that he wasn't ready to slide right into the middle of an NFL season like that. Alot of that is on him.

Teams are looking to take out Edwards and Keller, and these guys have to make that not happen. Edwards and Keller are the guys who drive the big plays in the passing game. Holmes and Cotchery need to help get themselves in there. Holmes especially could be a big difference maker...

Sanchez needs to get them involved and Schotty needs to tell Sanchez to get everyone involved early.

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