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what channel does the best NFL coverage?


what channel does the best job with coverage?  

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  1. 1. who

    • CBS
    • Fox
    • NBC
    • ESPN

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I would say CBS by default, although I think Simms is great, hes never afraid to say exactly what he needs to say.

Seeing the Jets on FOX, sucked. NBC is cool, ESPN with Carte and Keyshawn, makes me feel suicidal and NFL Netwrok with Sapp, Irvin and Deion, Id rather have a urinary track infection that listen to those POS.

But as for the actual game calling, I have zero problems with CBS.

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I thought the 'buck-less' fox did a pretty good job ..

I only got to see half the game, but I cant remember the last time I didn't want to jump through the TV and throttle one of the announcers

I like the NFL countdown on ESPN on Sunday morning .. CBS would be a lot better if that douche marino wasn't there

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1. CBS -- Best picture, commentators and shows in-game stat tracker and whatnot during the game.

2. Fox -- Seems like they give In-Game highlights frequently and the new addition (blanking on the guy's name from the competition committee to discuss challenged plays) is pretty cool.

3. NBC -- Like NBCs picture, announcers are EH. For fantasy guru's, I want to see stats. It seems like they rarely show them, in comparison to CBS which blows them away.

4. ESPN -- Their coverage is UNBEARABLE. Has anybody realized as of late that they describe every player to the -nth degree...using superlatives and proclaiming people being "The Best in the NFL". I heard last night Arian Foster is one of the best RBs in the NFL..can argue that point. I don't know, it seems as if every week they fall in love with the team they cover calling them "The Best this or that" and gets really annoying. Plus they seemingly talk about the things that will give the most $ to them -- Favre, McNabb, the Cowboys like they are relevant stories and bypass good stories/player comebacks like KC and Tampa this year. Then as soon as they start doing well they give you the "I told you so" coverage, when they didn't serve them a lick of credit.

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CBS best coverage. Best commentator: Chris Collinsworth. He's excellent at actually anylizing and dissecting plays and players. Least favorite anylist: Greg Buttle: Captain obvious and a Jets Butt-kisser besides. He actualy said the jets would be better off if they could improve their starting field position. Really, Greg? Good field position is better than bad field position? Wow, thanks for that!

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has anyone else notice this-

In years past, a network would show highlights ONLY of games that it was covering-ie CBS would show only in-game highlights and half time highlights of AFC games, or AFC at NFC games.

Starting last year they started showing highlights of the other Network's games also.

Anybody know how that change came about?

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