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**** Official New York Jets vs Detroit Lions Game Thread ****

war ensemble

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The Jets must rebound after a horrible loss last week against the Packers. The offense, in particular, seeks to answer all the questions laid out after last week's loss. Can Sanchez perform? Can our wide receivers catch the ball? Will Schotty continue to force the pass, regardless of Rex Ryan's ground-and-pound mantra? How can Revis and the Jets secondary stop Megatron? Can Slauson contain Suh? This game, on paper, may seem like a somewhat-easy victory for the Jets, but the Lions have been very close in many games this season. They are much better now than they were a year ago, and the Jets need this victory if they want to end the season with the most wins. Who will show up, the offense of last week or the talent that we actually have? We'll see at one o'clock. As always, here is some music to get you pumped up for the game.


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I feel bad for the Lions after the Jets debacle of last week. The Jets will play their most complete game of the season and dominate all facets of the game. This will be a bigger laugher than the Bills game.

Jets 42

Lions 3

Huge day by LT and Braylon. Break out performance by Santonio as well. Gholston will make a huge play or 2 once the game starts getting out of hand.

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Should be a good, hard fought game. Offense should put up some points...this is the kind of game where the D could break out (passing team, mediocre O-line, young QB)...maybe they help put up some points...Either way I expect a win.

this defense is overdue to start producing some turnovers-I think this is the week that Revis finally starts contributing on defense and picks one off. We NEED at least one TD from the 'D' Gato

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On offense:

- The Lions will try to line Suh up over Slauson, in theory to exploit the weakest part of our line, and between Slauson, T-Rich and LT in pass protection, they will neutralize the one defensive force Detroit has.

- LT and Shonn Greene will combine for 35+ carries, 175+ yards and 2 TDs.

- Sanchez will not throw the ball more than 25 times. He will get his completion percentage back up around 60% and Keller will re-emerge as a go-to guy for him... a go-to guy that this young QB surely could use at a time when he's struggling and being asked to spread the ball vs. getting the ball to the guy he trusts.

- Folk hits 3 FGs from 40+ yards

On defense:

- Revis will finally show up and defend his corny "island" holding Megatron to 6 catches for ~50 yards and no TDs.

- Our run defense will stifle the tandem of Jahvid Best and Kevin Smith.

- We will see sacks from Scott, Ellis, Leonard, Pace and yes... Gholston.

- Cromartie will have a pick-6.

- Burleson eats a dick. Ihedigbo feeds it to him.

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Gholston is STARTING.



Why is Gholston starting over DeVito???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relax...It's a stat sheet thing. Starting doesn't guarantee a specific number of snaps. He could be out by the 2nd snap of the game really...

That said, congrats to Gholston on his efforts being noticed.

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I really want to watch this game is there a website that streams it free? Sometimes it sucks living in Florida lol

espn 1050 NY was plugging a strem yesterday, don't know it it's free or live I'll try to find it for you

edit : looks like just a stream of the radio broadcast

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