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Right? Next thing you know, posters will be making quotes up from coaches and crediting players who didn't even play that day.

Tex is a f-ing douchebag...who cares

Barry Bonds is still the HR champ too. Congrats on your fake Super Bowl wins.

I think youre a coward.

You never responded to my bet after spewing your BS.

I love that you edited this post 14 minutes later to correct yourE, only to leave out the apostrophe in your correction.

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I love that you edited this post 14 minutes later to correct yourE, only to leave out the apostrophe in your correction.

Hey, I apologize for what I said.

Im tired and done with this thread. Please do me a favor and dont respond to my posts.


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Its a miracle!

:lol: Good luck.

Since NE (or the Jets 2010 Super Bowl)

Mia - 58% comp, 3TD

`Buf - 58% comp, 2TD, 1 Fumble

Min - 47% comp, 0TD

Den - 56% comp, 1TD, 2INT

GB - 42% comp, 0TD, 2INT

And the trifecta!

Det - 56% comp, 1TD, 1INT,3 Fumbles.

The moral of this story is that Sanchez sucks and is getting worse with in climate weather in the near future.

But, as long as the other teams starting QB and Kicker are out everything should be fine.

Take a look at Mark's numbers, last year to this one. The % increase he is making is incredible. The only thing he hasn't improved in is completion percentage. A pretty incredible jump from last year in:

  • Yards
  • Touchdowns
  • Fewer interceptions
  • Games he started and his team won

I like what I am seeing from the second year QB. Plenty of room to get better but anyone who says that he isn't improving this year isn't watching or is lying. *Or is a Patriots fan.

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What does that mean? I think Public Enemy would have that line a lot but I never knew what it meant.

Does it somehow tie into Tx's taint?

Cold Lampin' With Flavor

Um lampin, um lampin, um cole cole lampin

I got loowies boy, um not trampin

I just came from Da-crib ya know

Um on da go-throw ya tank into metro

Live lyrics from the bank of reality

I kick da flyest dope maneuver technicality

To a dope track, you wanna hike git out ya backpack

Um in my Flav-mobile cole lampin

I took dis g upstate cole lampin

Ta da poke-a-nose, we call da hide-a-ways

A pack of franks and a big bag of Frito Lays

Flavor-Flav on a hype tip

Um ya hype drink, come take a big sip

Um in position, you can't play me out da pocket

I'll take da dopest beat yougot and I'll rock-it

Like chocolate, even vanilla - chocolate, strawberry, saperella

Flavors are electric - try me - get a shock-a

Didn't I tell you to leave Flavor Flav alone knock-a

A clock on my chest proves I don't fess

I'm a clock-a, rock-a rockin' wit-da-rest

Flavor in da house by Chuck-D's side

Chuck got da Flavor-Flav don't hide

P.E. crazy, Crazy P.E. - makin' crazy loowies for the shoppin spree

Ya eatin death cause ya like gittin dirt from da graveyard - ya put gravy on it

Den ya pick ya teeth with tomb stone chips

And casket cover clips - dead women hips ya do da bump with - bones

Nutin but love bones

Lifestyles of the Live-en-dead

First ya live den ya dead - died trying ta clock what I said

Now I got a murder rap cause I bust ya cap with Flavor - pure Flavor

We got Magnum Brown, Shoothki - Valoothki


You could put dat in ya don't know what I said book


Shinavative ill factors by da Flavor Flav

Come an ride da Flavor wave

In any year on any givin day

What a brova know - what do Flavor say

Why do dis record play dat way

Prime time merrily in da day

Right now dis radio station is busy - brainknowledgeably wizzy

Honey drippers, you say you got it

You ain't got no flavor and I can prove it

Flavor Flav the flav all of flavors

Onion an garlic french fried potatas

Make ya breath stink, breath fire

Makes any onion da best crier

I know it sounds crazy but it fits perfect

Peter perfect pimped a perfect Peter

Honey dripper - sucker sipper - big dipper - sucker dipper

Drippin suckers like its goin out-a-style

Creatin flavors for da Flavor Flav pile

Lampin booyee madina style

Kickin da flavor gittin busy

Ya goin ouut, I think ya dizzy

I think ya hungry, cause ya starvin fa Flavor

Flavor most, put it on toast

Eat it-en taste it en swallow it down

Imperial Flavor gives you da crown

Of the king called Flavor, da king of all flavors

Rolls an rolls an rolls life savers

Flavor Flav is in everything ya eat cause everything ya eat got flavor

Flavor Flav is da first taste ya git in da mornin - ya breakfast is da flavor

In between dat ta lunch - in between dat dinner - in between dat ta midnight flavor

Yeah, das right I got somethin fa all da fandangoes of damangoes of da fandangoes of da mangoes

Edited by The Brooklyn Jet
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Hey, I apologize for what I said.

Im tired and done with this thread. Please do me a favor and dont respond to my posts.


I felt a little guilty that you had been beaten down to this point last night, so I laid off.

But seriously, if you don't want me to respond to your posts, don't troll here. It's that simple.

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There is only one way to untangle this web of sh*t that Pat/Jet fans have created.....a knife fight between slats and patriot reign at Gillete Stadium. Who's down?

He already threw in the towel, slats wins.

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Is this for real?

Might be one of the most epic beat downs I have ever seen here. Slats is a patriot troll killer. They should all ask him to NOT respond to their post. hahahahahaha

Dear Slats

We are sick and tired of you using facts and logic to make us look inept. Please don;t respond to our post so we can just say stuff and... well just say stuff.

With love

JN trolls

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