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Mets hire Paul DePodesta.


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I really hope Mets fans are excited for what Alderson is doing, because the Mets are finally joining the 21st century in baseball operations.

DePodesta was one of my favorite sleeper GM candidates. So far the GM is from the old Oakland front office and he's hired two guys with their roots there. They've got a talented bunch running the organization, and I expect some big things are going to happen in NY.

DePodesta is one of the smartest guys in baseball. Built and run some pretty good Dodgers teams, made some shrewd moves, didn't give Juan Pierre 50 million or w/e, and was considered Billy Beane's right hand man during the early 2000's.

Who's next...Grady Fuson? David Forst? Why not go balls out and ask Boston to borrow Bill James for a couple years?

Anyway, good times ahead for the Yankees' simple little brother.

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