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Jets at Browns - 11/14/10 - Anybody going?

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My cousin and I are heading from South Florida to CLE this weekend for the Jets/Browns game (he's a Giants fan, but is always game for a road trip). First trip to the area - going to Pro Football HOF Friday, R&R HOF Saturday, and game Sunday.

Anyone else going to the game? Any tips for the stadium or the area in general (bars, restaurants, local attractions, etc)?


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I am going, I go to school in cincinnati and its about a 4 hour drive and my roomates are from cleveland so were staying with his parents.

I am looking for a group to tailgate with or an all inclusive tailgate or a good bar to go to before the game.

If you find anything good let me know. Worst case I drink in my car and get some food.

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I'll be going with 10 other people from New York to Cleveland.

We are doing a similar schedule: NFL HOF on Friday, R&R Hall of Fame on Saturday, and then we all have seats together in 538.

We're joining a friend of a friend at their tailgate (Browns fan), but it should be good regardless.

Keep an eye out for the Jets fans in a wheelchair all weekend, then. That would be me! :-) Don't be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself.

We are sitting in the front row of 534. Should be a great weekend.

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