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AFC tv ratings highest ever


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the Jets are often the AFC national game, when they aren't on primetime...

the owners have great big balls to ask for revenue to go down. in this age of DVR, the NFL is the only thing people reliably watch live on network TV anymore. the super bowl commercials sold out weeks ago. and now this...

The NFL's TV numbers continue their rocket ride.

Through the first nine weeks of this season, CBS averaged an 11.3 rating for its AFC game broadcasts, up 15% from last year's 9.8, and the highest average rating for the first nine weeks since 1994.

With glamor teams such as Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts, Tom Brady's New England Patriots and Mark Sanchez's New York Jets constantly on the tube, TV viewership numbers for CBS' AFC package are are even higher, the network said Thursday.

Through the first nine weeks, AFC games pulled in an average of 18.6 million viewers. That's up 16% from 2009's 16 million viewers. It's the highest since 1987, which is far back as CBS' records go.

CBS' national telecast of Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles' 26-24 victory against Manning and the Colts in Sunday's late-afternoon window was the highest-rated sports event of the weekend. It drew a 16.3 rating, up 38% from last year's 11.8.

-- Michael McCarthy


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