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Possible Starting Lineup

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WR Coles

WR McCareins

LT Fabini

LG Kendall

C Mawae

RG Moore

RT Adam Terry(Brown isnt guna fall to us)

TE Putzier(if Denver matches we should just let Baker start)

QB Pennington

HB Martin

FB Sowell

LE Ellis

DT Robertson

DT Evans(if he cnt play, we see wut Reed can do)

RE Abraham

LOLB Hobson or McClover whoever looks better in preseason

MLB Vilma

ROLB Barton

CB Barrett

FS Coleman

SS McGraw

CB Herndon(id take anyone over abraham)



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Herndon would cost us our 1st-rounder.

He isn't even close to being worthy of that. I'd rather have Justin Miller or Fabian Washington than Herndon.

Ever watched the Broncos play the Colts?

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strait would be great as a nickel back and brown isnt better that hobson or mcclover

How can you say that Brown isn't better than McClover? In case you missed it, Brown started about half the games last season and did a damn good job. What has McClover ever done, besides accidently step in the end zone trying to down punts and going to Miami?

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Brown dosent seem that great to me and forget herndon if he costs out first rounder

McClover is a FREAK athlete, but Brown is a better football player right now. Hobson is better than both, though. I just thought Brown needed a mention if McClover got one. :)

Strait might surprise some people if he's given a chance to play. The kid's a player.

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