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5 fans hurt in Secaucus escalator mishap.


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Hopefully none of the injuries are serious.

Remember when this happened at the Meadowlands during a Giants game a few years ago? I talked to the first aid guy that responded. He said it was so bad that he didn't think the guy would be able to keep his leg. He was apparently pinned.

Scary stuff.

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New name suggestion:

"Triangle Shirtwaist Arena"

Catchy, no?

NYU is such a real estate aquisition swindle/concern that they had no problem buying up all the "Shirtwaist" fire property abnd turning it into classrooms. They did put a nice plaque on the building.Seems NJSEA, NJT, the Jets and Giants all have the same views on safety.

If they think they are going to host a Super Bowl treating 80,000+ high rollers like rubes to be fleeced and herded about like sheet in the freezing cold,they might need to rethink some things.

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