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Sanchez possesses special powers..


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New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has evolved from a disaster-prone rookie into some sort of witch.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was at his best when the Texans were sending defenders to chase him.In Sunday's stupefying 30-27 shock job on the Houston Texans, the young quarterback was at his best when he was chased the most.

ESPN Stats & Information noted when the Texans deployed five or more pass-rushers, Sanchez completed 12 of his 18 attempts for 189 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions for a plump 141.0 passer rating. He also scrambled twice for 22 yards.

And when the Texans sent six pass-rushers, Sanchez was even better. He completed five of his seven throws, including all three of his touchdown passes.

"This is a different guy," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "He's got great experience, 25 games as an NFL starter. He grew so much in the offseason. I always mention it. His teammates know that he’s the first guy in and the last guy to leave. He does it every single day. He's prepared. He prepares like a pro. Now he’s reaping the benefits. Our whole football team and our fan base is reaping the benefits.

"We knew when we drafted him that we drafted the right guy. He's going to be the right guy for the next 10 years here."

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If the sports media could just admit he was good they wouldn't have to come up with all these ridiculous excuses. No the Jets aren't super lucky. You don't get lucky 4 times in a row. That is called skill.

Thanks like losing boxers complaining about lucky punches. No you loser, you left yourself open, and the other guy took advantage. You are not better than the other person by losing to them.

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