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Joe's SB ring...you have got to be kidding!


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This was a "sample ring"

Someone must have turned this guy in yesterday.

Yes, somebody on the inside saw the on line auction and the seller was sent a warning e-mail about how fraud is still a felony in this country. The price went from $30,000 yesterday to $2500 today, nice work on exposing a scam. 8)

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Joe would never sell his ring.

Funny story... 2 years ago (May 2003) I was in Vegas and attended the LV Money Show at Paris/Bally's. Joe was spokeman for some investment company. When he finished speaking he was talking to the guests... I walk over to say hello. Some ladies are saying how good looking he is and all. I say to him, "Hi Joe, longtime Jet fan...nice to meet you." He shakes my hand and says hello and is doing this with several people... Then he says "Hey Jet fan, take a look at this" and he takes off his ring and hands it to me. WOW! I'm holding the ring, checking it out and he's talking to people and I then I say "Nice to meet you Joe, gotta go!" and I turn away. Then he says "hey Jet fan hold on!"

He actually handed me the ring and let me try it on. Joe is heck of a nice guy. Really impressive in person.

P.S. it's some joke and probably there because of Jose Canseco selling his WS ring and then telling the buyer he changed his mind.

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