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Take a look here at a breakdown of folks numbers


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FG: http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?archive=false&conference=null&statisticCategory=FIELD_GOALS&season=2010&seasonType=REG&experience=null&tabSeq=0&qualified=true&Submit=Go

He has tied the most in the league with janikowski with 30(and even after this sunday no other kicker should get to 30)

He has made the second most with 22

between 20-29 he is 7 for 8

between 30-39 he is 10 for 12

between 40-49 he is 2 for 5 but you know what if marvin lewis doesen't ice him hes 3 for 5 here

50+ 2 for 4 (But I remember one was just a desperation kick at the end of a first half it was like almost 60 yards or so)

so yes he's shaky between 40-49(but as I said if hes not iced hes a respectable 3 for 5) but one of the best between 20 and 39

56 yards is his long which is tied with Crosby for 2nd longest kick.


3,650 yards which is top 5

They have him at 24 out of 50 ranking wise

and about his short kicks, I truly believe they are planned by westhoff some teams prefer to have greater hangtime then distance. And hey we haven't been burned by it.

Now I am pretty sure these stats include yesterdays game so plenty of kickers have a game to make up on him but the only category he'll look worse in is maybe yards for kickoffs because some kickers are already close. But FG wise no one should really jump over him after the week.

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