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Having seen “Restrepo” this week at a loss how anyone could consider another movie superior this year.But after “The Hurt Locker”, don’t see how a doucmentary about the war could win over the Academy voters this year.

There really is no point of view beyond Sebastian Junger putting a camera on these brave men for 15 months. He doesn’t intrude nor pontificate nor condescend. It simply lays this platoon out bare without commentary. You cannot edit fighting men crying about the loss of a comrade. And it raises 2 compelling ideals which are ultimately in conflict; we are served by some of the greatest people in the world in our military, and we are asking them to do an impossible mission in an insane place without thinking any of it through.It odnes't sledgehammer you with these points because it's obvious.

It was broadcast on NatGeo last night. I have no idea if it will still be able to be DVRed. I would urge you to check. If not the DVD goes on sale this weekend.

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