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Commence Operation Interception Machine!!!


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Why did you delete my thread. :rl:

Is this Communism or the good ole USA.

I start a thread asking "Where are the Sparano supporters" and it is being deleted.

It does not contain any curse words or direct personal attack to any individual poster.

Is this how this site is coming to....confined into a narrow view of whats acceptable and whats not.

I am sorry that the over bearing of the mobs has destroyed few other sports broads in town. Well...this site is going down the same road.

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This quote sums it all up.... :rl:

"It's frustrating,it's not life or death.There are things I need to fix. We can't let this loss bother us. We have the Jets next week,"

- Henne


That folks, is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. He doesn't give a crap what happens in the game and he is basically saying he will just go out and play football and doesn't matter if you win or lose. The season just practically ended and you lost to a bad team. Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez, and the list goes on.....they would NEVER say what Chad Henne said.


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