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What scares me about tonights game..


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In bad weather conditions namely the WIND, the Jets have not played well under Brian Shottenheimer at all. I blame this solely on the Offensive coordinator and 2 games that stand out were the Buffalo game last year when he kept having Sanchez throw into the wind repeatedly and the game vs Green Bay this year. All Im asking for here is that if the conditions make it near impossible to throw downfield JUST DON'T ******* DO IT. You can still throw the football just dont be throwing it 20-30 all over the place. Sure the occasional deep ball is fine to loosen up the defense but in this kind of weather we should ram it down the weak pats defenses throat. If we control the football with a running game and short passing attack we win this game IMHO. Let Brady be the one to have to heave it up I trust our defense to stop their run I dont trust play calls that attack down field with slow developing plays in the wind. Please Shott DO NOT lose this game for us.

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