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What scares me the most...


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Is that Rex will probably come out next week and start running his effing mouth like normal. All of New England and the Giants fans of course, are shooting their mouths off tonight... and for the forseeable future, the Jets fans have to pay for Rex's mouthing off when he lays an egg like this. And yes, he laid this egg... I was cool with the "blustery" routine until now. Now, I'm done with it. I like Rex. I believe in Rex... but I don't want to hear a ******* peep from Rex until he re-takes control of this fraud of a team and fixes some of the ever-present problems that have haunted them all season.

The offense is a joke. Don't throw stats at me - its a God damn joke.

The defense can't pressure a QB, can't force turnovers and can't come through in the clutch. At all.

Now... even special teams is a nightmare.

2008 all over again, this is what I expect from here on out.

I know, I know... we have 9 wins and only 3 losses. I don't care. Look at how we won... in spite of bad preparation and bad coaching. That sh*t will kill us in the playoffs.

We get our asses handed to us by teams that will be in the playoffs. That is what I am seeing. The Ravens, the Packers and now the Patriots have held us to 12 points in 3 losses. 12 ******* points.

I tune in every week and watch this offense stop itself, moreso than the opposing defenses stop it... and now I have to watch everyone not named Revis chase scrub TE's and 5th string RB's all over the ******* field as we get dink-and-dunked to death.

This evening was a Lindsay Lohan sized epic relapse into the "Same Old Jets." Damn me for thinking otherwise about this team.

**** me for letting them trick me again.

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