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So much for the phrase "A win is a win"


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This phrase is crap. A win is simply not losing, whether you had help or luck.

I'd like to replace it with this phrase:

"1st qtr execution >> 4th qtr comebacks"

Why did we begin to think 4th quarter miracles justify an offense that spends 3 quarters on the toilet? You can't build a succesful team on the idea that you can always pull a leprechaun out of you a$$ with 3 minutes left in the game.

It's wrong to say this offense is crap. This offense always was crap. We just got lucky enough at the end of games that we chose not to believe it. Sprinkle in a few games with special teams scores and we can tell ourselves that "they're just a balanced team in a league of parity".

I have a crazy idea. Why not have the team just be GOOD? Instead of winning games 6 to 3 and being a 'balanced defensive powerhouse', why not just be GOOD and beat the bastards 36 to 3?

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What's with this BCS crap? Style points don't count. You don't get double credit for a big win. :rolleyes:

The Jets can easily redeem themselves by stomping a rain check into the Dolphags on Sunday.

But the dolphins won't be in the playoffs. Only good teams will.

I don't want to deny anyone hope however.

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