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Can We please stop the brad smith wild cat crap aleready!!!! unless your gonna have him throw the ball every so often... I mean the guy knows how to throw the damn ball.. But he doesnt... 3rd down and three... they bring him in? wtf is that?!?! Seriously... our puntr all of a sudden cant kick? Keller has disapeared!!! Shotty sucks a$$ always has... and when they begged his a$$ not to leave him I friggin laughed... good luck getting a head coaching job jerkoff... I am so angry over last nights game for so many reasons.. Pats have one of the worst defenses in the league!! Looked like they had one of the best last night...thats how bad we got beat..

Prediction... Pats lose to the bears and the packers... and then all this... there so great...will all stop... as for us...

I truly believe the jets will hammer the dolphins... this week... and then we will be 10-3 and people will start saying the jets are back...

its a joke..

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