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fish trolls


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Thank you for coming back out of the woodwork..conveniently after our first loss in over a month.

Enjoy your 6 days here..we know you'll disappear after Sunday's fish fry.

Yes the Jets were embarrassed last night..but let's not forget the fish aren't in the same conversation as the pats*.

We'll get back to what we do and that does not bode well for you herbs. Stick to the Miami Heat thread..it's what you all do best.

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The dolphins were supposed to win out and make the playoffs

but then the mighty browns came to town and crushed those hopes.

That team is no joke. They pounded out the Saints and Pats and we fluked to a win. If they don't fumble the ball to us deep in our territory they win that game.

Honestly the Browns are probably a top 3 team right now. If they somehow got into the playoffs they are a threat to win it all. Congrats to Mangini, give credit where it's due.

I think Mangini was sunk by Schitty and whoever the crappy DC was at the time. Who knows what he could have done for the NYJ if he had Rob Ryan as his DC like he wanted and someone at OC other than Schitty. I bet that scrub Woody just wouldn't let Mangini fire him or draft another QB instead of having to rely on Favre as well.

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