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Fat Albert Haynesworth suspended for rest of season


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They had enough. Hard to make anyone feel sympathy for a douche like Dan Snyder, but Fat Albert did that.

He was photgraphed out boozing the night before he was late for practice.

He refused to play in the Skins' base defense and begged off plays.

And Sunday he pretty much called in sick and refused to talk to trainers and team doctors.

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Here in DC it's all over sports radio. i for one think Shanny created a good part of this by trying to make an example of him. He knows the guy is a headcase and after Albert missed VOLUNTARY workouts he made an example out of him and made a public display of his fitness test. Ran here for about 4 weeks of constant news, with radio stations challenging people to come out and see if their in better shape than Fat Albert.

Albert is a headcase and a malcontent and not a very good person but if he is motivated he is amazing at what he does. I think it could have been handled better or Albert should have been released at the beginning of the season. Beating him down like a child just created a rebellious teenager.

his appeal won;t work i don;t think. The Skins have a list a mile long on the things he has done. Drinking and coming to practice smelling like booze, refusing to work out, and now he has told George Allen he will NOT be talking to Shanny anymore. Guy is toast and will be losing a few million if not more over this. not saying he doesn;t have it coming, but as bad as the Skins are on defense i think Shanny couldn;t have handle this worse.

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