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Jason Taylor interview transcript 12/9/10


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On Thursday New York Jet Jason Taylor took the time to answer a few questions for the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On if Coach Ryan has told him that he should have played him more…

“I’ve heard it from my coaches and stuff. I’m not going to disagree. Obviously, I want to play every play. That’s not the case, but I try to make the most of the ones I get and I need to get better.”

On if he is satisfied with his playing role on the team…

“We’re 9-3. If I was inactive and we were 9-3, I’d still be happy we’re winning. It’s not about me. It’s about this team and our defense as a whole. Anywhere that I can plug in and help and help make plays or take the attention off somebody else or whatever I can do, I’m here to do. With that being said, yeah, I do want to play. Everybody wants to play. If there was anyone in this locker room that didn’t want to be on the field, I’d be disappointed in that person. If I get more snaps, then great. I feel like the more snaps I get, the better I play. I’ve always kind of been that guy that gets into a rhythm and a groove. If my number is called, I’ll go do it.”

On if he has told his coaches that he plays better with more snaps…

“We talked very briefly. Look, this is not about me. I hate to talk in the third person, but this is not about me. If I’m called to play 60 plays like I was the first four games when Calvin (Pace) was out, then heck, I love it. I enjoyed it and I felt like I played pretty decent. If I’m called to play 15 (or) 20 plays because it’s a rotation of the groups we’re using, then so be it. I’m an employee, Rex (Ryan) is the head coach. I do (what) he needs.”


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Can someone tell me if Bryan Thomas has gone into the Witness Protection Program again ?

It seems like one year he is really good, all over the field, the next year. Gone.

Have to figure Thomas, Taylor and Gholston are gone, as well as Pryce next year. Lots of holes to be filled on d-line next year. Lets hope Ripati Pitoitua has a full recovery.

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