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NY JETS Plane, Vandalized


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This always makes me laugh, all the hate New York teams get and although we have passionate fans, we simply do not have time for BS like this.

I live in Miami and when we play each other, the whole town stops for the big bad JETS. The news is focused on them, of course the sports shows are going crazy while in NY, aside from the football fans, its just another game.

Check out what the in-bred jack-asses from NE did to our beautiful plane...too much time on your hands NE,

BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Airport workers had some fun with a JetBlue plane decked out in New York Jets colors following the Patriots’ 45-3 win on Monday night.

That score, 45-3, was plastered on the plane by workers on Tuesday.

The photos first appeared on the sports blog Deadspin on Tuesday afternoon.

Bert Breer of the NFL Network was able to confirm that the plane was not the team’s actual charter, as they had left at nighttime.

The Jets plane was unveiled by JetBlue in October as part of the team’s corporate sponsorship.

Check out the link to see a pic..



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