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Favre likely not playing

Sperm Edwards

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Favre's streak could be over as QB tells people he likely can't go

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has told teammates and associates that he doesn't believe he can play Monday night, and his NFL-record starts streak will end at 297 games, sources with knowledge of the situation said.

"It does not look good," one source close to Favre said Sunday when asked about the feasibility of the quarterback playing in the Vikings' game against the New York Giants. The game was rescheduled to be played in Detroit because of the collapse of the Metrodome roof in Minneapolis.

Favre suffered a shoulder injury last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills and hasn't been able to really throw the ball since. However, with Favre, there is also some skepticism, given how he has come back from injuries throughout his 20-year career and the sense that he enjoys the drama that comes with making an unexpected start.

The Vikings will evaluate Favre throughout the day and assess the situation up to kickoff. Backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is prepared to play; he played most of last Sunday's win and took the reps in practice this week with Favre ailing.

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I think if Favre could do it without subjecting himself to worlds of angered humiliation, he'd love to hop in his truck and drive back to Mississippi right now. Nothing worse than being the last guy to figure out that the party ended an hour ago.

Dandy Don is singing in heaven as we speak

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