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Only the Jets


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Two years in a row Miami comes to town and we hold the offense to barely over 100 yards and somehow lose the game. Last year gay boy Ginn returns 2 on us and this year our O decided to call out sick. Averaging 4.5 pts a game in losses is completely ridiculous with this talent, 2nd year QB or not. Rex better change something up before Pitt. If we can put up 17 I think we have a really good shot at winning, but since we've only put up 9 in last two games I may be asking a lot.

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Except for the defense this team is just bad. The coaching is terrible and I havent seen an offense this bad since Kotite.

Kotite's offense (when he was coordinator) wasn't close to being this bad. When he was HC the entire team was so ******* terrible it was difficult to determine which unit was worse.

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Can lose three games at home where the defense gives up a total of 29 points.

That's right you heard it. In the Jets three loses at home their defense has given up a TOTAL of 29 points.

Are you F'n Kidding me.


And 3 of those points vs GB (from the final FG) aren't even on the defense. Really it's 26.

The defense was also responsible for 3 points on offense on our first FG vs Baltimore. I would argue that negated the FG the defense surrendered that game. So it could be rationalized the defense surrendered a net total of 23 points in 3 home losses. The offense needed to score 23 points in 3 games. Instead they put up 9 (sort of; one could argue the offense really put up 6 net points in these 3 home games):

3 pts vs Baltimore was courtesy of the defense (we took over on offense already in FG range)

3 pts vs Baltimore was courtesy of a 5 yard net punt followed by a 15-yard penalty vs Baltimore for horsecollar tackle. That alone put the offense in FG range.

3 pts vs Baltimore from actual offense

0 pts vs Green Bay on offense

-3 pts vs Green Bay where GB took over on downs already in FG position

3 pts vs Miami on offense following a whopping 21-yard drive (started on their 38 and ended up with a FG thanks to Holmes).

I second your :suic3:.

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