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A friend of mine just e-mailed this to me but didnt provide the link to Wayne Chrebets blog. If anyone has it please post.

CHREBET: Now Is the Time

Posted by Wayne Chrebet on December 16, 2010 – 9:08 am

Wayne Chrebet’s 15th blog of the season for newyorkjets.com:

Tough one to swallow. Ugly game to watch. Nasty to be out there or in the stands this past Sunday. Don’t really know what to make of it. Certainly not the way they needed or were expected to respond. Everyone knows that when the Jets and Dolphins play, it is going to be a hard-fought game.

I wouldn’t say that the Dolphins played great. They were definitely beatable. They played good enough. Unfortunately that’s all it took. Most of the game was about field position. On a rainy day with two good defenses, that’s how it’s going to be.

I would say that the MVP of the game was the Dolphins punter. He did an incredible job changing field position every punt. I don’t think they’re really capable of driving the length of the field vs. our defense. That’s why that early interception was so bad. Defense did a great job, but it’s tough to stop any offense no matter how good they are when they start deep into your territory. That’s the defensive effort that everyone knows they can have. Maybe the Dolphins offense is not the Pats but they still have some good players.

One guy that I want to point out on the Jets defense is Sione Pouha. He had 10 tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery on a sick hit from Calvin Pace. He has turned into a very good player. He is one of a couple of guys that are left from the team that I last played on in 2005 and I can say that he’s a great guy. All in all, the defense really came to play.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know what to make of the offense. I am not in the meetings nor do I watch any film of the opposing teams, so it’s hard for me to comment on too much or critique the game plan. Fingers are being pointed mostly at Sanchez and the offensive coaches. Who’s to blame? Everyone always blames the quarterback, that’s their knee-jerk reaction. “Oh, he stinks. Get him out of there.” That’s usually the first thing an angry fan will say. Heard it a lot when I played. Truth is, sometimes they’re right, kind of right.

But there’s more to it. You have to factor in other things. The plays that are called are the first thing that will come to mind. Again, I don’t know the game plan, but when you don’t score a TD in two straight games then something is wrong. The four losses that they have, they did not score a TD in any of them. You can’t be that off that many games. And they have not scored a TD in the last nine first quarters. There has to be something wrong.

These are facts; I’m not picking on anybody. Something is not working. Things like that happen. Not scoring a lot, but not coming out of the box in the first quarter is a killer. I think I was like everybody else in the stadium thinking that they had enough time, they’ll pull it out. Well, like Sunday, sometimes it doesn’t work like that.

I’m not the coach; I don’t know what to change. It just seems very predictable. For the most part it’s “run, run, and third-and-long pass”. Been there. It’s frustrating. One fan had a great blog. He said that in baseball some pitchers set up the curve with the fastball. And there then there are the pitchers who don’t have the heat and set you up with junk for an 81 mph fastball. Throw a curve.

True story. My 9-year-old son asked me why they weren’t throwing the long ones. Who knows? I absolutely hate the fact that I even question a coach that I have no idea what his methods or philosophies are, but how can I not mention it? Mark was 17-for-44. I read what he said. He said that he played terrible and he needs to be the one to help get the offense going. It was bad. Really bad. But dropped passes and a lot of pressure doesn’t help put up big numbers. So it’s not all on him.

To go back to it, he’s not going anywhere. He’s the quarterback now and will be in the future. He’s it. The Jets will live and die with him. He’s still a kid. He’s still learning. I was still learning in my 11th year.

Problem is that now is the time. Can it be fixed? I think so. Rex said that his footwork is off. Correctable. Better footwork, more precise throws. More precise throws, less interceptions. Fumbles have become a problem of late. Again, fixable. If not, it’ll be a rough last three games. Especially playing on the road at Pittsburgh and Chicago. Two very tough places to play. Going to be interesting.

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