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Did Randy Moss call in to a radio show and rip Jeff Fisher?


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Going by this logic it is entirely plausible that all the Sanchez-hating posters on this site are fake accounts set up by Mark Brunell!


Alternate headline: Randy Moss is a first-time caller, longtime listener.

Hilarity and controversy in Nashville at this hour as Fanhouse’s Clay Travis, who co-hosts the Three-Hour Lunch 104.5 radio show, reports that Randy Moss may have called in under a fake name and ripped Titans coach Jeff Fisher on the air.


We received the call — I co-host a show on 104.5 The Zone with former Titan Blaine Bishop and Brent Dougherty — sometime after 2 p.m. Central time. The caller identified himself as “Woody.” We hadn’t been talking much about the Tennessee Titans or Fisher on that day, but “Woody” wanted to discuss Fisher’s future with the Titans. It was only after “Woody,” whose comments were terse and pointed, hung up that another caller noted how much “Woody” sounds like Moss.

On-air, I ripped the second caller for his opinion. Thinking it would make the second caller look ridiculous, we went back over the previous call and replayed it. Much to our amazement, the similarity between Moss’ voice and Woody’s was eerie. You can listen for yourself. (The second part of the clip is a mix featuring Moss’ actual voice).

Audio here.

If you didn’t click the link, here’s “Woody’s” take from the 3 Hour Lunch on Nashville’s 104.5:

Woody: “If Jeff Fisher was the coach of Tennessee (Vols) would they love him, with his record?”

“No,” I said, “he would be fired.”

Woody: “What about when he fired Norm Chow by telephone, everybody dogged Vince, how come they didn’t dog him (Fisher)?”

I’d forgotten Fisher fired Norm Chow by telephone two years ago, but the caller hadn’t. Pointing out the way that Fisher fired Chow would be a roundabout way of criticizing Fisher for his treatment of Vince Young. In particular Fisher said he preferred “man-to-man” conversations after Young texted him an apology.

Asked why he so upset, Woody replied, “I’m happy, I don’t like Fisher.”

When I said, “It could be the last game of (Fisher’s) coaching career (at home with the Titans) on Sunday,” Woody replied,

“Hope so,” and hung up.

While the voices are similar, it’s impossible to tell for sure with the naked ear. Anyone out there with voice recognition software? Also, in my experience, sports talk radio callers rarely just hang up like that when the host is agreeing with them. Most fans want to hang onto their little moment on the air as long as possible. Woody sounds more like someone who isn’t all that impressed by being on talk radio. Like, a professional athlete, perhaps?

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Fisher sucks. This guy reminds me a lot of Herm Edwards. He has this media reputation and they won't even let you question him at all. The man makes awful decisions and has had now I believe two consecutive awful seasons even though he has a top 5 at worst RB on his team. He is a total slimeball but gets constant passes from the media and then the media in turn creates a following for him of non-Titans fans who think he's a great coach but never watch or follow the games.

It is through adversity that you always see a man's true character. And for Fisher, none of it is very good.

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he'll be picked up in no time.

Hopefully not by us. Whatever team hires him will suffer a Herm Edwards 2nd team type run. Fisher is well on his way out of the league. He simply does not have the integrity or results with players to act like the douche he is. After he gets fired, the stories might leak out.

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