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**** Official New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers Game Thread ****

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Yup, I'll take all the credit. Be back next week.

You pick good music. Our team seems to respond well to good music.

What can I say, I figured if nobody questioned you there's no way it would happen. I saw it as my duty to be the pessimistic a$$hole.

Oh the optimism and belief in the team! What a bunch of bitches. They are down one score to one of the top teams in the league on the road. IF you are desperate for them to score TDs, giving up points is better. Cause if they aren't down by more than 3, they are just aiming for a FG anyway.

Anything this team has done that merit's belief?

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Thats a no 2 great kids a great wife and the 6 time super bowl champs

That's swell. Your full of crap though. No one spends a football game on an opposing teams message board without there being some internal deficit.

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