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5 reasons to hate the Jets.


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"Reason for hatred #4: Twenty-somethings who move to New York City

Listen, I love the city of New York. If you grew up there, you’re probably cool. But there's nothing more annoying on planet Earth than young people who move to New York after college and suddenly turn into Joe Pesci from My Cousin Vinny.

"You think you can get good pizza in Pittsburgh? Fuh-getaboutit!"

Just because you guilted your mummy into paying your rent doesn’t mean you have to get all highfalutin about your crappy apartment in Manhattan and all the cool wine and cheese soirees you go to now (“Ohmigod you guys it’s just like How I Met Your Mother!”)

And girls, don’t try to front on me, either. In college, I watched you accidentally wash down a handful of Cheez-Its with bong water and now all of a sudden you’re the new Carrie Bradshaw? I’m calling your bluff."

I understand this and agree 100%. Brooklyn and especially Williamsburgh is infested with Midswestern DBs who think they are living a reality show episode, having Mommy and Daddy pay the rent while wasting what little they earn on nonsense, pretending to be ironic and cool when they are the cliche, working for peanuts in some artsy fartsy Manhattan job that is ultimately a dead end, living in hovels in bad areas and getting regularly burglarized and mugged in their new wonderful hip groovy neighborhood that is really very bad. "East Williamsburgh" is still Bed Stuy, a-holes. And when that bad stuff happens, IT'S THE MAN'S FAULT, MAN!

Don't get the trucks thing at all. Statistically the best-selling SUV in the NY metro area has been the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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I gotta agree with #4 as well. I can't stand those people.

It's different when you come here for a job after you graduate, I have a friend like that from VA that came out here to work on Wall Street. Obviously he could afford the rent, and afaik he's never really had a gf or anything so the money isn't a big deal to him. He lives in pretty much a closet that doesn't even have a kitchen, but for him that's what he wants.

For those other people they're going to school here and their parents are paying for everything. They can't cook and they think that is some mark of independence (when it's actually one of the most dependent things that can happen in your life). I was born in NYC and I can't stand it. I'm living on LI right now and I plan on buying some property upstate or somewhere else that's cheap when I can. I'll be out of NY as soon as I have enough capital to make it.

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