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Week 15 Report Card


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I would have given the D-Line a D, tbh. Mendenhall averaged nearly 6 yards a carry, and the secondary would have done much better if Ben didn't have all day to throw. The 3 man rush was completely ineffective as usual.

Yeah, and in retrospect I would have graded that lower, but I thought that one of the primary reasons for their success on the ground was the fact that they passed much more often, thus softening them up.

As to the pass rush, actually thought they did a good job there. Better than usual at least.

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I like reading these Stoi...and always feel like it deserves feedback.

I'd give Sanchez a higher grade...probably B-. C range to me, is low. He had a good day. You can never give a QB a B+ or A grade without throwing a TD, but he moved the ball well on the road, in the cold against a great D.

Agree with RBs/WRs.

I'd give the oline an A+. By far their best outing of the year. They ran the ball very well, all because of the push up front and they only gave up 1 sack against that D with Woody out. This was the first game all year where our Oline was the difference maker IMO. Those RB's had a great day because of the Oline and had great protection after being abused by the Dolphags. And the way they were moving around against that D was the most impressive aspect. It was almost like they were playing the Bills. By far their best performance of the year.

Dline and LB'ers were a C IMO. Way too much room for Mendenhall and way too much time to throw for Big Ben. That could have really helped our secondary out big time.

Coaching would be a B-. Bad clock management.

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