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To all you JN'ers and your families:


where we don't get the Jets game.

Everywhere else in TX sees the Jets, but Austin and Houston have to suffer through the Texans (slowmoe, you must be happy to be over in Tampa :) )

A good friend--a Bears fan--is coming over to watch the game on internet streaming. Should be a lot of fun! She's from Chicago and just sold her house so she can move back there.

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In the twelve weeks of football, my true love gave to me...

Twelve media hacks drumming,

Eleven posters piping,

Ten toes a-leaping,

Nine senoritas dancing,

Eight shots a-drinking,

Seven kids a-child supporting,

Six hard knocks a-playing,

Five golden toe rings,

Four calling refs,

Three cheeseburgers,

Two tiny feet,

And a knee on the sidelines!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays, brother. Great sparring with you this year!

One of the things that I am happy about this year is that Tom is back around. Not to get all lovey dovey but I regret he was locked out over the don't ask\don't tell issue. Glad it has been repealed and he is back, lol.

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Happy Holidays everyone!! this is truly the best Jets board out there

Tyson -- I think the board needs some work, lol. But this site definitely has the best content. Thanks for all your work.

Merry Christmas.

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Many hundreds of dollars, countless hours shopping and thinking about what to get them, 4 hours to wrap and 15 minutes for kids to tear through. When is was all said and done, 2 out of 3 kids had complaints quanity/quality/selection of gifts. I'm going Jehovah.

Merry Christmas.

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