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Televised sports analysis are horrible....


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I am just curious where you guys get your sports info at? Cause it isn't on TV.

Just caught a glimpse of NBA on TNT and those guys are amazingly BAD. They just yell at each other and try to yell their opinions over each other, that is not how this works. And don't get me started about how bad NFL network is. It's like they don't even try to produce a quality show. Outside of "Top 10 Sports Bloopers" that entire network could catch fire and nobody would notice.

Really, I would love your thoughts. Bear in mind I live in the south and have no access (outside the internetz) to your northern talk shows. But from what I understand reading the posts on here, only cover the Giants anyways.

EDIT: The wife just showed me an article in Rolling Stone that perfectly sums up my argument:

"Watching Chris Berman on ESPN now is like cuddling your 18-year old dog whom you remember as that athletic pup that used to chase sticks all day long, but now drags across your kitchen floor with one paralyzed leg and stares up at you with his one unclouded eye begging you to put him out of his misery."

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