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Confident Revis: 'We’re gonna win'

INDIANAPOLIS — They have waited 349 days for this night, 349 days for Peyton Manning, 349 days for revenge. This was the quarterback and this was the team that ruined their grand designs on the Super Bowl, and now it is time for Rex Ryan and the Jets to return the favor.

There was snow falling outside the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center as the most outrageous coach in the NFL and the driven team that loves him boarded four Academy buses that took them to Newark Airport and the Continental charter that landed them on Manning’s doorstep last night. Where tonight, inside Lucas Oil Stadium, they vow they will kick down that door.

“Just all the stuff we had to overcome this year, I really feel confident . . . I feel it . . I just feel it in my heart. We’re gonna win,” Darrelle Revis said.

Yes they will, and here’s why: The gap between Manning and Mark Sanchez still may be as wide as the gap between Michael Strahan’s front teeth, but it has narrowed. Manning has lost tight end Dallas Clark and receiver Austin Collie. The Jets have added cornerback Antonio Cromartie to help Revis, and receiver Santonio Holmes to help Sanchez.

The Colts are one-dimensional. The Jets are not.

Manning is the great equalizer, but even he won’t be able to beat a battle-hardened menace like this by himself.

This is a better Jets team, with more answers in every phase, than the one that fell 30 minutes short of the Super Bowl a year ago.

It is a team with enough mental toughness and resilience and resolve to withstand the inevitable Manning flurry.

It is the more physical team.

It is a team that is hell-bent on meting out intimidation by the relentless of its play. “Controlled violence,” James Ihedigbo says. Come a little after 11 o’clock tonight, this is what Ihedigbo sees: “New York Jets going on to second round of the playoffs. Celebrating on that flight home.”

Revis had this message for Jets fans: “Be patient. They study as well, they might make some plays. Just be patient, and at the end of the night, we’re gonna have a win.”

Ihedigbo was asked if he thinks this Jets team, more so than last year’s Jets team, can intimidate the faster, smaller Colts.

“Yeah . . . yeah . . . I think we will,” Ihedigbo said. “That is our goal, on defense, special teams, offense, to play an intimidating style of football. Where you’re looking at a guy and he doesn’t want to play anymore, ‘cause you’re that much in his face. And that’s what the game’s gonna be.”

The Jets game plan: Turn this one into a bare-fisted brawl. By disrupting Manning or disrupting his receivers. By bludgeoning and wearing down Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis so they can’t wreck the game for Sanchez.

“It’s disrupting his receivers, our offensive line disrupting their linebackers in terms of blocking them, getting hands on to the next level, opening up those holes . . it all coincides together,” Ihedigbo said. “It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”

And this time, instead of doing it for 30 minutes, the Jets vow they will do it for 60.

“It’s gonna be a rough football game,” Ihedigbo said. “It’s either they’re gonna try to step up to our level, or we’re gonna continue to play the way that we envision ourselves playing. And the way that we will play. And can.”

“We want to be the bullies towards our opponents, and that’s our plan moving forward,” Damien Woody said.

The Jets were floating on Cloud 9 following Thursday’s practice. “Fast Fridays is what we call them,” Ihedigbo said afterward. “You want to leave Friday’s practice feeling good about yourselves, feeling good about the game plan, and I think we accomplished that. [Tonight] can’t come faster.”

“Mark was throwing the ball well, receivers ran great routes, just real precise. More precise than probably most . . . the rest of the year,” tight end Dustin Keller said.

It is time to walk the walk.

“This team will show you better than we could say and tell you anything because talk doesn’t mean anything,” Ihedigbo said. “It’s about strapping on the pads and playing football.”

Super Bowl-or-bust starts tonight.

“It’s Round 1,” Keller said. “It’s payback time to the team that put us out last year — First game of hopefully four.”

Jets against the world.

“People that love to hate us, we appreciate it,” Ihedigbo said. “We’re just gonna prove you wrong along with the team that we’re playing. And then, when we’re on our way to the Super Bowl, you can jump on the bandwagon if there’s any space left.”


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Mevis needs to STFU.

Grab an int, cause a fumble, take one back for 6.

Then he can talk all he wants and people will listen.

Why should they stop now? all of the talking is why they're at where they're at now.

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Mevis needs to STFU.

Grab an int, cause a fumble, take one back for 6.

Then he can talk all he wants and people will listen.


You don't pay a CB a zillion just to cover. That money is supposed to buy reliable picks & fumbles. He owes us big time.

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