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So what do you do in this scenario?


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You're digging thru an old cabinet and see a white bottle. Diet pills. You thought your wife threw them away.

They're not just *any* diet pills, they're from 2005 and contain "the substance that shall not be named".

Yeah, some baseball player ate half a bottle and his brain blew up, but the fool took a ton of them. You'll only take HALF the dosage.

And because of "the substance that shall not be named", you know the pills work. (and that half the dosage would be safe).

And criminy, you found them after new years, when you and everyone else wants to shed a few pounds.

So do you panic and throw them away? Or do you take the laundry off the treadmill and get ready to drop 20lbs fast?

Too late. I tried one.

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