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It is a shame


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A little perspective here. As a guy who was behind the scenes for the first couple years of this site, I can tell you that if Max wasn't so humble and generous and he told you how much money he's paid out of his own pocket and how much time he's sacrificed to get this thing up and running, you'd die. It's profitable now, but Max carried it out of pocket for years.

As to that profit, Max pours even that back into this site for upgrades to the features and performance. The guy is a saint for not trying to guilt us all into donating cash or sell us worthless "premium memberships" that allow you access to absolutely nothing. How many of us would sacrifice time with our families and huge amounts of cash for zero return?

Max isn't a rich dude. He works like a bastard for every penny he makes. He has a wife and three kids that he'd rather be spending time with. He built this site simply because he wanted to give you all an alternative to the BS that JI was putting everybody through while they sucked enough cock to get press passes from the Jets. He keeps it running because he's a psychotic masochist. So the next time you try to log on after a big game and you can't, instead of writing a complaint post, you should scratch a huge check to the website, or offer to dedicate 50 hours per week, every week, making sure the server performance is optimized at all times.

It's fine to be frustrated, but understand what it takes to make this place happen and be thankful for what Max has built here, and be confident that he's always working to make it better.

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You spend 400 but don't you actually make money on this site with all the sponsors and donations all?

Kind of a personal question. :D

I did say earlier the site is profitable, trust me though almost everything that is made Jets poured back in. Every once in awhile we cash out some of the profits and The Crusher comes to NJ and we go to cheeburger cheeburger. That's about it though, lol.

But secondly the only donations we accept are for charity drives. We just raised almost $1,000 for Wounded Warriors which was part of a Jets gift basket raffle, $20 per ticket. We have done an Adopt a Fmaily drive just about every other year as well. So I thank everyone for their generosity...

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