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Scoring in the 1st quarter


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Without getting into a 10 page thread on why Schott sucks, why can't this team score early in games? I can't see beating NE without putting up points in the 1st half, and probably the 1st quarter.

What needs to change?

It seems like they always start slow on offense cause their just trying to feel out the defense and see what they do. I think they gotta fix that and just go out and throw some of their best stuff out first and give themselves a lead and give the defense some cushion.

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I think there are several factors.

1. Sanchez is tight. He seems to loosen up as the game goes on. Especially yesterday.

2. The offense plays tight. They like to stay in a slug out and don't open it up until they are behind. They usually aren't behind by much so they are on yellow/red light most of the first quarter until the other team scores. Then they go green and usually start scoring. The "ground and pound" idea may be a bt over the top but they like to play ball control and for field position more than for points until necessary.

3. They like to "establish" themselves and beat teams down. The line likes to pound, they may be wearing teams down.

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