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Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, busted for cross-country trip to have sex with boy, 13, she met on Xbox: cops


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A California woman flew across the country to have sex with a 13-year-old she met through her Xbox, police said.

Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, was arrested Friday for allegedly bedding the Maryland teen, according to police in Orange County, Calif.

The woman is being charged with two counts of rape, one count of second-degree sex offense and one count of sexual solicitation of a minor, according to WBALTV News in Baltimore.

The arrest comes after the boy's family discovered "romantic" text messages on his cell phone. According to police, there were also phone calls, emails and sexually explicit images and movies exchanged between Hicks and the 13-year-old.

Hicks allegedly flew to the teen's Maryland home during Thanksgiving, where the two engaged in sexual intercourse, authorities said.

Police said Hicks admits to also having sex with an as yet unidentified minor in California.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/01/10/2011-01-10_rachel_ann_hicks_36_busted_for_crosscountry_trip_to_have_sex_with_boy_13_she_met.html#ixzz1Am3qT9QI'>http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/01/10/2011-01-10_rachel_ann_hicks_36_busted_for_crosscountry_trip_to_have_sex_with_boy_13_she_met.html#ixzz1Am3qT9QI



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Can we PLEASE stop pretending to give two sh*ts about the psyches of our f*cktard kids?

Let him f*ck her! It's good life experience...I'd be pretty messed up if the first girl/woman that showed me the time of day got sent to jail for it.

I'm telling you each and every day, more and more, I just see us growing into a bunch of lying, full of absolute sh*t queers. Adult male to little girls? Sure throw the POS in jail. Adult female to teenage boy? Let him enjoy his first act of trickery on the opposite sex.

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Damn, she needed the sausage that bad?

Thats what I was thinking...you cant find a willing 13 year old boy in your backyard? Not that she's a catch but I'm sure she could have a single file line of 13 boys who'd want to ****.

Further, how good is a 13 year old boy going to be that you are flying cross country for it?

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