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Brady & Co can be had - here's how..


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The statistics are staggering.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have won three Super Bowls together.

Brady is 28-1 in his last 29 games at Gillette Stadium, site of Sunday night’s AFC Divisional playoff game against the Jets.

The Patriots almost never lose at Gillette. Including the playoffs, they are 67-13 there, a winning percentage of 83.8.

And yet, amazingly enough, they have lost their last two playoff games: Super Bowl XLII to the Giants, and last season’s AFC wild-card game to the Ravens in Foxborough.

So the Pats are driven ... and desperate ... but they are not invincible.

And the Jets know it — despite the 45-3 atrocity on Dec. 6.

The Jets should borrow liberally from the Ravens, who demolished the Patriots 33-14 last January.

As Ray Lewis said afterward: “The bottom line is, if you can get to Brady and rattle him early, you have a great chance.”

That’s the starting point for Rex Ryan’s gang this week.

Here is the Serby game plan for how the Jets can beat the Patriots and get within 60 minutes of their first Super Bowl in 42 years:


Brady is more emotional than Peyton Manning, and Ryan already has gotten the psychological ball rolling by ripping Tom Terrific for his celebratory antics. The Jets intercepted him twice in winning the first regular-season meeting this season, and just because he’s gone 319 throws without a pick doesn’t automatically mean he shows up Sunday as Don Larsen.

Jets defensive end Trevor Pryce was part of the Ravens defense that suffocated Brady.

“You don’t want Brady comfortable in the pocket,” Pryce said. “That’s Football 101.”

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs recalled, “We wanted him to think we were blitzing when we weren’t, and weren’t blitzing when we were.”

Baltimore coach John Harbaugh: “The pressure was real precise. It was effective how it attacked their protection. We got to Brady early. We hit him a lot throughout the course of the game, and then we decided to cover toward the end.”

So the game plan that helped Ryan to his first win ever over Manning can’t be the same as for Brady. Don’t sit back in coverage, because Brady enjoys the patient, surgical attack.

The Ravens intercepted him three times and forced a fumble by getting in Mr. Bundchen’s kitchen.

One caveat: Brady was without the services of the injured Wes Welker. But he did have Randy Moss, who had a quiet day (5 catches, 48 yards).


The Giants embraced the Us Against The World mentality en route to Super Bowl XLII.


Don’t be afraid to fake a punt (not that Mike Westhoff ever is), or even an onside kick if the situation is right. Bill Parcells relished being the riverboat gambler in Super Bowl XX. Joe Walton cost the Jets a berth in the AFC Championship Game in January 1987 in Cleveland when he went into a conservative shell with a 10-point lead.


Remember, there is more pressure on the Pats. They have a load of young players who are unaccustomed to a game of this magnitude, particularly on defense. Ray Rice broke an 83-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage for the Ravens last year. And then the fans turned on the Patriots.

“It was more about showing him stuff he hadn’t seen from us,” Pryce said. “It was a wrinkle here, a wrinkle there.”


Let’s face it, Mark Sanchez’s sore shoulder is affecting some of his throws. The Ground and Pound will help, of course, while keeping Brady on the sidelines, but the Colts didn’t have a monster like Vince Wilfork at the point of attack, and Belichick does. So the idea is to get the ball in the hands of your playmakers.

LaDainian Tomlinson caught four passes for 24 yards in the first meeting, for example. Quick hitches and screens and slants to Santonio Holmes will pay dividends in the form of run after the catch. Dustin Keller has driven Belichick crazy on two occasions — the overtime game Brett Favre won in 2008 and the first meeting this season, when he caught seven balls. If Belichick sells out to stop Keller, Jerricho Cotchery can be an unsung hero. In the red zone, the fade to Braylon Edwards is a no-brainer against the shorter and inexperienced New England DBs.

And yes, the Wildcat. Don’t be afraid to let Brad Smith throw one over their heads.


Now, I’ve covered plenty of football in my time, and I’m certain that Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and defensive back coach Dennis Thurman have forgotten more football than I’ve ever learned. But even my columnist eyes couldn’t help but notice that Antonio Cromartie does not belong on Deion Branch, because Branch is simply too quick for him.

If you want Welker on Revis Island, then double Branch with Drew Coleman and either Marquice Cole or Eric Smith. Or vice versa. And mix it up. Then, because of his length, I would put Cromartie on Aaron Hernandez, a pseudo-wide receiver, and then switch him over to Rob Gronkowski in the red zone. That’s where James Ihedigbo, a 6-foot-2 safety, can shadow Hernandez. Somebody get me a headset, please.


Ryan has put the game on his shoulders, taken the pressure off his players, announced to the world that it’s him against Bill Belichick. He has your back. This is the time for you to have his.

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