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****The Official New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Game Thread DIVISIONAL ROUND EDITION****

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Appreciate that. Thanks to the mods and admins here at Jetnation for the job they do.

Lets just hope that this isn't the last week this season that you have to lock out the lurkers and disable features. I'm hoping you have to do it two more times in the next month.


+1. Awesome job as always by Max and staff.

Good luck everyone. Been a great year and hopefully we find a way.

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J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! And now a picture story of Tom Brady's day tomorrow.... It starts with him fist pumping like a smug little douche... But soon the Jets defense puts him in h

^F that guy

Bullsh*t. If he sits for more than one series I'll be stunned. This is serve Kraft's delusion that his team is classy.

And do you think any coach would sit a player for any bit of time in a playoff game for some offhanded comments during a media session? A series is more then I would ever expect.

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