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Steelers fans already talking about superbowl matchups


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Guest Jpf4671

I love how we have no chance... yet already beat them once this season.

Wait we played them? Someone tell Bill Cower that, he said we haven't played a D like theirs all year

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Steelers forum is very excited we won becuase apparently we have no chance at beating them.....lets go JETS!

Let those dick riding faggots think what they want. >90% of that fanbase isn't even from Pitt, let alone been to West PA.

Anyway, they have a few o-line and secondary issues they should be very, very concerned about.

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If I was a Steelers fan, not only would I be worried because this Jets team just beat them a few weeks ago, I'd be even more worried that the Jets easily beat the team that blew them out just a few weeks ago. If they were worried about the Patriots, how the hell can't they be worried about the team that beat the Patriots? Hell, didn't just beat the Patriots, beat them 2 out of 3 this year and 3 out of 5 the past 2 years? The Jets are clearly better than the Patriots.

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