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Thoughts on the Jets


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Rex Ryan is very unorthodox as a head coach, but he is ideal for the Jets. He has given this team an identity. Something many of us complained about when Mangini was here.

Schottenhiemer drives all of us crazy. Give him credit he is always aggressive. Watching the Ravens last night made me realize that as annoying as he can get, he doesn't get ultraconservative like Cam Cameron did for the Ravens.

Rex Ryan moonlights as a prophet. (make your mark here [in Pittsburgh] we'll be back]

Mike Tannenbaum is unbelievable at making shrewd deals and has given this team incredible talent.

Shaun Ellis, you are my favorite player for a reason. Way to go Big Cat.

Mark Sanchez. Damn dude you step up in the big moment. Several people here pine for one of the other young QBs to be the guy here (Flacco, Freeman) You are the Jets QB.

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