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Must Give The Colts Some Due


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We've been so overwhelmed with the joy of putting a foot up the Patriot's a$$, and rightfully so, but I have to go back, for a moment, to the first playoff game against our long-time AFC East rivals, the Colts, where we were able to contribute, for the second time they left the division in 2002, to an era in their team's history that is amazing and unparalleled.

Do you ever go to football reference to look up a statistic or something, and you just end up "reminiscing" through history, looking up old players...?

Well, I do sometimes, and I landed on Jack Trudeau (I don't know.) I was thinking about the rivalry, at least in my time which was after SB3. The Colts were in the same division as us for the first 29 years of my life, same division with Dave Weinstead, Dan Marino and Jason Taylor I and Zach Thomas, same division as Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, same division as the Patriots, forget now, even Eason, Terry Glenn, Pete Carroll. I wanna puke.

But then think Mike Pagel, Jack Trudeau, Jeff George, Marshall Faulk... Does that get your blood pumping? How about the abominable Ted Marchibroda? lol The thing is all those seasons they never battled down the stretch. Every year either one was good and the other sucked or they both sucked, never both good.

We were never division rivals with the recent Colts, just a few boring years with Mora, BUT that's not even it. This Colts team under Manning is incredible.

You know throughout history you have some teams that have sucked for long stretches or at least haven't had to worry about the post season; that list is long and it includes the Jets, or you have your dynasties that dominated for a period, like the Cowboys or the Niners. You have the teams that have choked in the big game, Bills, Vikings

AND then there's these guys, the worst of them all IMO. The One and Done's, the first round bouncers, the teams that rattle off 10 wins every year and then go home a week after all the other scrubs. Peyton Manning must stay up nights staring at that 2006 trophy:

Since his rookie year, where he won 3 games, Manning and the Colts have been to the playoffs the last 12 years, and won that SB in '06.

He was sent home after one game a whopping 8 times! He lost after 2 games once, after 3 games once, and in the Super Bowl once. that's pretty crazy.

The only one I could think of that would rival that is old Schottenheimer and the Chiefs, and he's not too shabby either when it comes to teasing the sh*t out of your fanbase:

In nine years of Marty Ball, KC only missed the playoffs twice. One year they lost the last three games to go 9-7 and just missed, and the other year they would've got in with 9-7, but they went 8-7-1 lol In the 7 playoff trips, they left in the first round 5 times, and never made it past the AFCC.

That's something to hang ur hat on.

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