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Enjoy your last day


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She looks good.


Hey, thats the white trash chick from Pitbulls & Parolees...lmao

F'dUck the Steelers and their inbred fans...I see the beginning of a nice rivalry since the ravens dont have nay balls anymore, and we are the same ole JETS ( Championship games every year).

Lets do this..

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Make fun of me all you want. But that does not change the fact that your team is overrated and your QB sucks. So go ahead and make your jokes but i will have the last laugh.

Thank God that after we kick the crap out of your team tomorrow night we won't see you for another year... We just got done beating 2 teams better than yours... We got this!!!

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Swow me a link or is that just you saying that.

Roethlisberger paid off the hotel, thats common knowledge, and with Sanchez her story didn't make any sense and kept changing.


Now you show me a link where the cops say Big Ben was innocent. You can't because he wasn't.

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