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****The Official New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Game Thread AFC CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION****


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I am going to log off shortly. Bus trip leaving at 4:15am and that is an hour from my house, lol.

We are going to lock out guests during the game again...

Thanks everyone and go JETS.

Way to go White Chocolate!

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As a dear departed friend was fond of saying, you only go around once. As Bill Parcells said after losing this exact game, there is no guarantee you will be back, next year, nor ever.




Jets, Jets, JETS!

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I feel REALLY good about this game. I may have had another psychic moment when on my way to work tonight I saw (in the future) a WE'RE GOING TO THE EFFIN SUPER BOWL!!!!! thread here at JN-moments after the game...I got chills all over my body...I think this was the sign you guys...I got chills right now again-I think this is the sign I've been hoping for....

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this is the fifth Jets' AFC Championship Game I've experienced in my life. The first one I was in the 8th grade in my kitchen in Garwood NJ listening to the game on my Aunt Ann's transistor radio and my beautiful little cousin Michael was playing with me on the floor under the table (I loved that little boy, God rest his soul) the game wasn't on TV. The second one The Mud Bowl AKA the last time I ever made chili for a Jets game. The third was Denver-that should have been our year, the fourth last year-I don't think any of us thought we'd really win that game or the Super Bowl. This one feels different doesn't it? This one reminds me of the first one against Oakland-unGodly cold temps against a very tough opponent-with one difference between 82-83, '98-no wind and no rain, snow or soaked field. I also think the NFL NEEDS the Jets to win this game just like the AFL AND NFL needed us to win SBIII. WE Jets fans NEED this win. I hope all of you devoted younger Jets fans get to feel what I felt as a kid with a SB win-there's nothing like it in that city...

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