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Olb or DE who can get to the QB.

No more B. Thomas or J. Taylor.

OC obviously.

Don't get our safety hate. Like all of our safeties. Got 5 pretty good ones if you count Lowery, who should stick to safety.

The fact that our 2 ILB are probally the 2 worst coverage LB in the league make the safeties look weak in my opinion.

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i agree on OC.

pass rush for sure. pass rushing olb is th ebiggets specific need. after that we need an upgrade at any of the 3 DL positions.

a linebacker who could cover would be nice for sure. we need a big time safety imo.

if we keep our offense the wya it is we are good. although i think we need a rb cause tomlinson is probably done.

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Resign Edwards, Holmes, Harris, Hunter

Sign Champ Bailey to play Safety

Might have to let go of a Damien Woody and maybe a BT due to salary cap, I don't know. Just saying but...

Fire Shottenheimer

Draft OLB/DE, DB, TE, DL

or just trade all our picks for Ngata ;)

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CB Drew Coleman-sign

WR Braylon Edwards-sign

DE Shaun Ellis-sign 2yr

LB David Harris-sign

WR Santonio Holmes-sign

S James Ihedigbo-sign

S Brodney Pool-sign

DE Trevor Pryce-sign

FB Tony Richardson

WR Brad Smith-sign

S Eric Smith-sign

P Steve Weatherford-sign


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It really is amazing how bad keller is with the ball. The dude just trips and falls over everything.

I suppose you want to look at it with perspective. He's a pretty good TE just not as good as most of us think, thought or would like. But he's still pretty good.

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Have to find a way to keep Braylon and Santonio though. Mark continuing to grow with them 2 will be special!

another way to look at this is: we were lucky this year. Both of these guys behaved. Can we give both multi year contracts?

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I'd take a real tight end. I take back what I said about Heath Miller- dude is a football player.

Keller is atrocious.

keller sucks..

miller was a beast in run blocking, he blew up a few of our LB'ers tonight..

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I'm now on the Pennington bandwagon. We can have him as backup QB/OC. Give him a HUGE contract seeing as he's doing two jobs.

He's also a warrior.

No really, I'd love it for no other reason than to see CTM's reaction.

seething h8 4 u and that noodle bastard

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Sign both Braylon and Santonio and let David Harris walk.

I agree. You'll have a better chance of finding a MLB replacement than a WR replacement. The second reason is that Rex will always keep this defense in the top 5. We need to keep our young offensive weapons around for Sanchez and our new O.C.

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